Not a plate, but a special ashtray

April 2019
Although this website is about HAL plates, I cannot help displaying this beautiful ashtray.
The photo was sent to me by Clive Hellinga. It shows its newest addition, an ashtray from the 1910/1915. In the center you can see an old Dutch sailing ship, in the distance you can see two more. It was made by Potterij Rembrandt, a pottery factory founded in 1907 by Pieter Cornelis Köhler. He lived from 1896 to 1960, the factory was in Utrecht. The name Rembrandt was probably chosen because of the Rembrandt-year in 1906. Köhler, however, was unsuccessful and moved to Nijmegen in 1908. There he went to work with J.J.H. Oor, but left the collaboration in 1913. In 1917 this factory went bankrupt.
The ashtray contains the text ‘Compliments of the Holland America Line’ and was therefore probably a promotional gift, perhaps a so-called ‘pillow gift’ for the passengers. Something we can no longer imagine, but I remember well how my grandfather smoked his big, powdered cigars and was happy with an ashtray!
The ashtray can be seen in the Goedewaagen Ceramic Museum, Glaslaan 29 in Nieuw Buinen until 01-07-2019 in the exhibition ‘Cruise ships operated in clay’.

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