Why this website?

During the preparation of a cruise with the ship ‘Westerdam’ of the Holland America Line I discovered when you book such a cruise you automatically become a member of the Mariner Society. This means you can take part in a so-called Reward Program. You can then receive a souvenir tile or, in some cases, a souvenir plate of your cruise as you make more or longer cruises.
The Ceramic Museum Goedewaagen in Nieuw Buinen in the Netherlands had during the summer of 2018 an exhibition ‘Cruise ships in clay operated’, containing Dutch ceramics for the NASM / HAL from the collection of Clive Hellinga. A large number of commemorative plates of the Holland America Line were shown there.
As a collector of little ceremic KLM-houses, the plates appealed to me. When one looks around at flea markets and at marktplaats.nl, Ebay, Etsy and Bonanza, tiles and plates in all forms and prices will pass by. It not only formed the start of my collection, I also decided to develop a website with the aim to give an overview of the plates. With this website I would like to invite other collectors and interested parties to give reactions, improvements and additions. An international community of collectors of this kind of commemorative plates from the Holland America Line may be created with a documented overview of the plates.
The photos on the website were taken by me during the mentioned exhibition and from my own collection. It is my first website; it is the intention to constantly improve and embellish it.

Your comments, additions, improvements etc are very welcome.